Man Murders Uncle Over Car Keys

Thirty-one-year-old Latarrance Wade of Emelle, Alabama has been charged with the murder of his uncle. Latarrance shot his uncle, Curtis Wade, on Oct. 5 after the two got into a heated argument, but the Sumter County Sheriff's Department has had to wait until now for a murder charge.

"We started our investigation. In doing so, an autopsy was ordered by the District Attorney's office. We have received those results back, and it has been ruled a homicide," Sumter County Sheriff Tyrone Clarke said. "So we complete our investigation and turn it over to the District Attorney to present to the Grand Jury."

Sheriff Tyrone Clarke says Latarrance Wade shot his uncle three times during their altercation, killing him.

This whole incident started over nothing more than car keys. It appears Latarrance and his uncle shared a vehicle, and got into an argument over whose turn it was to drive, an argument which soon led to gunfire.

"Latarrance asked the use of the car. Then Curtis asked again for it," Sheriff Clarke explained. "He was told he had it the night before and that Latarrance was going to use it. That's what started the argument."

While many questioned why the investigation has taken so long, Sheriff Clarke says they wanted to wait for autopsy results and compile the best evidence for this case.

"Emelle community was real shaken by that. We took our time in making sure we covered all the avenues and aspects of this case to make sure that we had the proper evidence to bring to the Grand Jury," Sheriff Clarke said.

The shooting occurred at the family's home on Highway 17 North. Wade's bond is set at $15,000.