Markham Running in Ward 2

Another candidate has entered the crowded Ward 2 Meridian City Council race.

Dustin Markham announced his plans Tuesday at city hall.

The Meridian attorney says he wants to use the office to support issues that matter to residents.

Markham says in addition to paving streets, improving drainage systems and providing recreation for youth, he's concerned about tackling the crime problem.

"We have to implement positive things for our youth to do," said Markham. "And I think that would decrease crime to an extent. But we also have to have a working relationship with the community that will allow the community to feel safe with reporting information and providing that information that will allow the police department to solve those crimes, decrease crime, work more economically and more effectively."

Markham will be in the May 7 Democratic Primary with incumbent Mary Perry as well as challengers Terry Stennis, Martin Jack and Nathaniel Pringle, Jr.