Mayor Bland Speaks on Civil Service Commissioners' Resignation

The Meridian Civil Service commission seems to be in constant turmoil. Two members of the Commission have resigned, leaving only three commissioners in place.

"Late Thursday, late yesterday evening, I did receive resignations on Mr. House and Mr. Stockton," the mayor says. "We've accepted those letters of resignation."

As for why commissioners John House and Robert Stockton chose to step down from their positions, Mayor Percy Bland says that's still a mystery.

"I don't have any knowledge of why they did resign, but we're going to continue to move forward with Civil Service," he says.

Although the resignations were sudden, Mayor Bland says he's not worried about moving forward. And there's plenty of work still to be done.

"We have three people on the Commission," Mayor Bland says. "They have made decisions with three and four people in the past. Three is a quorum, so even with these resignations, everything can move forward with the meetings and hearings and anything else that is business before them."

The next step is to find their replacements. The mayor must find two individuals to submit for consideration to the City Council.

"We have to make our appointments again to the City Council and they have to confirm those appointments for the remaining two members," the mayor explains.

He says that search will begin as soon as possible.