Mayor's Horse Shot in Face

Mayor Allen Beaty of Scooba was surprised to discover someone shot his horse in the face on Wednesday.

"Night" was a present for mayor Beaty's daughter. He'd been in the family for seven years.

When the mayor went to feed him on Wednesday morning, Beaty noticed blood on Night's nose and assumed another animal had hurt him. That was until he noticed the lead shotgun pellets embedded in his face. Mayor Beaty also found corn on the ground next to Night's blood. He said he believes someone was hunting on his land and shot the horse for simply being in the way.

"I never thought that I'd have 60 acres of land, owned it about 18 years, put two horses in it and they would get in the way of anyone," Beaty said. "It's just unbelievable anyone would come in and shoot a horse but just to find a deer and keep him from eating the corn."

Night is expected to make a full recovery. An investigation is underway to find the person responsible for shooting him.