McDaniel Campaigns in Lauderdale County

Lauderdale County, Miss. A candidate for U.S. Senate again brought his campaign to Meridian Tuesday.

State Sen. Chris McDaniel is opposing longtime U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran. McDaniel led the voting in a 3-way race June 3, with Cochran placing second.

A majority of 50 percent plus one was needed to win the election outright. Now McDaniel is in a runoff with Cochran.

With the runoff two weeks away, McDaniel made an appearance at Spaceway Truck Stop in Lauderdale County in his quest to spread his message to voters and supporters.

McDaniel says he is confident he'll prevail in the runoff and believes he can make the necessary changes voters want in Washington.

"Seniority matters, but only if someone is willing to fight," said McDaniel. "No one can name a single fight that Sen. Cochran has led against Barack Obama. The adults have to enter the room and start making tough decisions. We can't spend recklessly. Sen. Cochran has been spending recklessly for a long time and it has to stop if we're going to save the country."

McDaniel also participated in meet and greets at
Queen City Truck Stop in Meridian, Grits and Grace Cafe in Newton and Garden patch in Forest.

The runoff between McDaniel and Cochran is Tuesday, June. 24.