McDaniel Discusses Voter Fraud

Although the Senate runoff is over, Chris McDaniel is still not counting himself out. And he's challenged the entire state of Mississippi to help him prove it.

"Literally, because of some very unsavory, nasty, despicable campaign tactics, the Cochran team pushed 42 to 44 to 45,000 democrats in the republican primaries," McDaniel says. "So essentially, on that day, democrats, liberal democrats, decided the republican nominee."

As part of his Election Integrity Challenge, McDaniel's been asking his supporters for $15 donations to fund 15 $1,000 rewards for those with voter fraud evidence. That number 15 holds special significance.

"The $15, that was an allegation made by a reverend in Meridian as to people being paid $15 to deliver their vote to Senator Cochran back on June 24," he explains.

But many are questioning Stevie Fielder's truthfulness on those claims. And how do you keep from having an outpouring of false accusations when there's a reward involved? McDaniel says he doesn't think it will be an issue.

"No, I think for the most part Mississippians are good and decent people and they want to do the right things in regards to the process," McDaniel says.

As McDaniel pushes forward, still striking against Cochran, republicans are worried about a split vote.

"He certainly has an obligation to supporters to make sure there aren't those who voted in the democratic primary that voted in a republican runoff, but I think once you satisfy that those numbers aren't sufficient, I believe Chris to be a team player and that he'll be on board in November," Congressman Gregg Harper says.

Will he ever support Cochran? McDaniel says he will consider that in the future, but for now he believes this Challenge is his top priority.