McDaniel Seeking Support for Legal Battle

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Ellisville, Miss. State Sen. Chris McDaniel sent out an e-mail letter Wednesday afternoon soliciting financial support for his court challenge of the June 24 GOP runoff.

His campaign says it will file that challenge in court Thursday morning. It has been one week since the GOP executive committee's decision not to review McDaniel's claims of illegal voting and improper procedures .

McDaniel says the case is strong with more than 300 pages of affidavits detailing election problems. The campaign stands by the idea that the problems were not just clerical errors.

Wednesday's letter says there was a coordinated effort by party leaders to mislead some of the people in charge at the precinct level. In a highlighted portion, McDaniel said the challenge will have consequences both in Mississippi and across the nation.

As a reminder, McDaniel's attorney appeared in the list of irregular and crossover votes from Madison County. The campaign says it's just another indication that there were problems with the voting and record keeping.

Click the link to see the email from the McDaniel campaign.

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