McDaniel Solicits Donations for Possible Challenge

Jackson, Miss. State Sen. Chris McDaniel appears poised to file some kind of lawsuit in the near future in protest of the June 24 runoff results. McDaniel lost to incumbent Sen. Thad Cochran in a race for U.S. Senate.

In a fundraising e-mail to supporters Wednesday, McDaniel said Cochran stole the election, and he's asking for money to fund a legal battle. He calls the election a sham, because thousands of Democrats voted in the Republican Primary.

Mississippi does not have party registration. Voters may choose either the Democratic Primary or Republican Primary. It is illegal to cross over from one primary to the other in cases of a runoff.

McDaniel's campaign says it has already found thousands of illegally cast votes.

"We have not yet touched the Delta," said McDaniel spokesman, Michael Watson. "We have not touched the absentee ballots, so we feel like there is plenty of evidence out there that we are going to uncover that would possibly make it right for a challenge."

A group called True The Vote has already filed a federal elections lawsuit, claiming Democrats voted in the Republican Primary. The lawsuit names Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann, the state of Mississippi and the Republican Party in the suit. McDaniel has praised that lawsuit.