McDaniel Talks One-on-One with Local Voters

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Meridian, Miss. In just five days, Mississippi voters will head to the polls to cast their vote in the hotly contested Republican Senate primary race between incumbent U.S. Senator Thad Cochran and state Senator Chris McDaniel.

McDaniel is using his last few days of campaigning to talk one-on-one with voters about the issues of most concern to them. McDaniel paid a visit to Jean's Restaurant in downtown Meridian during the lunch time rush. Of course, talk about the issues at hand has been lacking in this particular race with all of the political attacks.

"I have a seven year record in the state Senate where I have been the most conservative member of the Mississippi state Senate," McDaniel says. "Senator Cochran has a 42 year record in the U.S. Senate where he's been, according to the American Conservative Union, the most liberal member for Republicans in the U.S. Senate."

McDaniel tells Newscenter 11 he opposes the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, and feels every clause of it should be repealed. McDaniel also says the state's immigration laws should be strictly enforced and that the border should be closed.

With the help of an endorsement from former presidential candidate Rick Santorum, the McDaniel campaign says it is on its way to a victory.