McDaniel and Supporters Urge Defiance

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Jackson, Miss. State Sen. Chris McDaniel and his supporters are urging continued defiance as McDaniel prepares to challenge his Republican primary runoff loss to incumbent U.S. Sen Thad Cochran.

Tea party supporters gathered Saturday at the Mississippi state capitol, where supporters asked them to donate money and volunteer time for McDaniel's effort.

McDaniel served papers Thursday saying he intends to challenge the election, alleging improper crossover voting.

His campaign says it believes it has found thousands of examples of people marked as voting in the June 3 Democratic primary and the June 24 Republican runoff -- a practice banned by state law.

The challenge will be filed with the state Republican Party executive committee.

The Cochran campaign calls the challenge "baseless." Cochran received nearly 6,800 more votes than McDaniel on June 24.