McDaniel Lawyers Say Challenge Likely

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Jackson, Miss. Lawyers for state Sen. Chris McDaniel say they are likely to challenge his loss to Sen. Thad Cochran in the Mississippi Republican Primary.

Attorneys and advisers to McDaniel said Wednesday that they need more time to examine ballot boxes and poll books. They are seeking voting irregularities in the June 24 runoff.

McDaniel did not appear at the event held at his lawyers' offices.

Certified results show Cochran won by 7,667 votes and had 51 percent of the runoff vote.

Mississippi voters don't register by party, but it is against state law to vote in one party's primary and another party's runoff in the same election cycle.

McDaniel would have to prove there were enough illegally cast votes to change the outcome or that the election was so sloppily handled its result is in doubt.