McGrevey Looks Ahead to the Future

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Meridian, Miss. It was a month ago this week when Meridian Mayor Percy Bland named Mike McGrevey as his new chief administrative officer. McGrevey replaced interim CAO Curt Goldacker.

McGrevey has been an economic strategist for several years, from the military to most recently Mississippi State University. Since McGrevey has taken on the job he has looked at the inner workings of the governments to see what could be modernized or fine tuned to make it more effective. As CAO there are two main job qualities and McGrevey understands that.

"I think there's two main aspects of the job," said McGrevey. "The first one is to be strategic in how we look at things and then the second part is to run the nuts and bolts, the daily operations of the city."

It's not uncommon for many CAO's in Meridian to have a history with the military, due in large part to the training received and the excellent partnership with the local navy base.

"I think the military helps us prepare to be strong administrators," said McGrevey. "We're accustomed to making decisions, we're accustomed to supporting our bosses, and we truly have that spirit within the military, kind of our creed. Integrity first, service above self, and excellence in all we do to help make communities much better places."

As CAO, McGrevey hopes to improve on economic development, leisure activities, as well as improve the education infrastructure to help build instructional capacity from preschool to twelfth grade. With any job comes challenges and McGrevey sees that as room to grow.

"Moving forward is never easy, but what it takes is a strong team working together. Doesn't mean we aren't going to have spirited debate from time to time," said McGrevey. "But when the debates over and we build the plan, it's about implementing that plan to make those three areas much better."