Meals on Wheels Volunteers Honored

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Meridian, Miss. Meals on Wheels volunteers gathered Friday morning for their annual recognition banquet. The mission, which only has one staff member, is mostly made up of over 100 volunteers who give their time and gas to make sure 230 people have a hot meal each day. Today's banquet didn't just honor the current volunteers, but was in special memory of a person who dedicated a big part of his life to Meals on Wheels, Norman Samuelson.

Meals on Wheels Director, Mary Brooks, says, "Mr. Samuelson delivered meals for over 35 years, and sometimes he would come two or three days a week, so we just honor him today because he died on July 1st, and his passion was Meals on Wheels."

Mr. Samuelson's son, David, made a few remarks about his father, and his passion for Meals on Wheels, and says that he's involved because of his dad.

"Growing up, I got pulled into it also. When I would come home from college or come home from Houston, if it was his time to deliver meals, I was in the truck with him doing that."

Samuelson says his father was very humble, and hopes that this banquet being held in his honor will serve as a way to help get more people involved with a program he cared very much about.

"Hopefully it will inspire other people to also come out and volunteer, because I know they need volunteers, and they deliver meals 5 days a week, and they need a lot more volunteers, so hopefully that's what it'll do. I think that's what he would feel."

If you would like to get involved with Meals on Wheels you can contact Mary Brooks at 601-482-9891.