Memories Remain Alive after Jones Cleaners Torn Down

Meridian, Miss. The community continues to reflect on the old Jones Cleaners building in Meridian after it was torn down this past week.

Newscenter 11 spoke to the niece of Elmer Ray Jones, who is the original owner of Jones Cleaners. She told us this past week that she recalls the days when only women were working at the store because the men were sent off to war. She said what she remembers more than anything is how hot it used to be working in the building.

"Very hot," Nelda Jones Dearman recalled. "I remember my daddy wore real, real thin thin shirts because it was so hot in there. And he worked kind of towards the back of the cleaners."

Dearman told us she picked up several souveniers from the building, including plyers and thread. Jones Cleaners has moved to a new location on 7th street.