Men of Action Address Students

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All the male students at Magnolia Middle School gathered in the auditorium Tuesday morning to learn how positive behaviors can help them achieve their goals. Magnolia Middle School Counselor Renee Smith decided to have motivational speakers come because some her students don't have a positive role model.

"We wanted to bring in some positive people to let them know that there are good people out there in the community."

One of those speakers was Marlon Austin who had a tough upbringing. He shared stories of friends that have been locked up, and his successful career in the Navy to show that no matter how their home life may be, they can always choose to do something great.

"I can relate, one, because of where I was raised. I was raised in Chicago. I saw a lot of killings and murders every day. I pulled away from that, and then I traveled around the world.

Smith and Austin both agree that middle school aged children are very impressionable, and that this is the age where they really start making some decisions for themselves. That's why they reach out with a positive influence.

"A lot of times at this age, if our youth don't have anybody to motivate them, guide them down the right, they're often led astray."

"It seems that age is the age where they seem to be confused. A lot of them don't have a positive role model, so we're here to do that."

The message of making good decisions won't stop here though.

"We're hoping that they will come in on a monthly basis and sit down and meet with our individuals, so we're hoping that this message will drive home to them.