Meridian CAO Talks about Mayor's Authority on Civil Service Issues

Meridian, Mississippi Meridian's Chief Administrative Officer is addressing what he calls the authority of the mayor to hire candidates who haven't been through Civil Service testing.

Meridian's City Council met Tuesday night to tackle a fairly routine agenda. Questions came up regarding recent action taken by Meridian's Civil Service Commission.

Commissioners voted to approve a waiver for the hiring of the city's Equal Opportunity Officer position and the Human Resources Director. Most city positions require a certain amount of advertising as well as Civil Service testing.

CAO Mike McGrevey says it's not unusual to skip these measures in the hiring of some professional positions.

"The Civil Service Commission granted the mayor the authority to fill the HR and EOO position and the mayor elected to exercise that authority by using an interview and resume only. Historically, this has been afforded the mayor this authority," said McGrevey.

McGrevey says the procedure is called an 802 waiver and allows the mayor to staff some professional positions based on a credentials review.