Meridian Church Becomes a Sanctuary from the Cold

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Temperatures have been dangerously cold over the last few nights. Life Church in Meridian decided to hold all night prayer meetings during the cold weather and the doors are open for anyone seeking to get out of the cold. They are calling it “Fire by Night” and up to 75 people have come by to have a warm place to stay in the overnight hours. Pastor Gary Morris came up with the idea after helping one of his own members last Thursday night.

"One of the homeless members from our church gave me a call and said that he was freezing and needed to get warm and wanted to get in the church. The thought came to my mind: what about the rest of the people, what about those others who are out there and have anyone to call," said Morris.

Morris decided to hold all night prayer meetings while leaving the doors open for anyone to come get warm. The church members quickly sprung into action, getting food, blankets, and clothes to help out anyone who might stop by. Morris says the people he's met have made this so special, and he's gained many friends.

"The people that have come in to get warm, that's what has been so special. I've been able to talk with them, and make friendships with them, and you see some of them now. They aren't in the same clothes they came in with because they are wearing new clothes that were given to them. They’re not cold, they're not hungry, they're not wet from the rain, and it’s made it all worth it,” said Morris.

Morris originally planned on this going through Wednesday morning, but because of the cold and all the resources they have, it will continue to Thursday morning. Some of the church members have offered to pay cab fair to bring in people off the streets and even Meridian police have dropped off a few people they found in an effort to keep as many people safe from the cold as possible.