Meridian Church Tackles Problem of Violence

Meridian, Miss. A local church is recognizing the problem of violence through a workshop and seminar.

The Prince of Peace Christian Fellowship Church in Meridian brought in dozens of people Saturday morning to look at the issue of violence in our society and ways of healing our youth. The program was a collaboration by NFusionX, Weems Community Mental Health Center, Bradley Sanders Adolescent Complex, and local churches. Organizers say solving the issue of violence should start from youth.

"Sometimes there are behaviors that we see with our young people, and sometimes we need to look beyond the behavior and try to go down and see why," Jackie Chatmon with NFusionX explains. "Why are our young people acting this way?"

"Not only from the spiritual aspect, but also touching with their hearts, their minds, as we know that the word gives us that he's made up the components of mind, body and soul," according to Dr. Zachary Operton, pastor at Prince of Peace Christian Fellowship. If one of those components is missing, then we have half the man."

Operton says organizers look forward to continuing to try and tackle the issue of violence.