Meridian City Council Gives 10K to Boys and Girls Club of East Mississippi

Meridian, MS Meridian City Council members Mary Perry and Jesse Palmer were attending Tuesday night's council meeting as the last votes were being cast in the run-off elections. Perry has represented Ward 2 for 14 years, while Palmer has been the city's Ward 4 Councilman for 24 years, but both were defeated in Tuesday's vote.

The City Council met at Union Station due to the election activities at Meridian's City Hall. The Council boosted the operations of the Summer Program of the Boys and Girls Club with a $10,000 contribution. The money came from the Parks and Recreation budget. Board member William Mcneil was excited about the news, "We don't receive a whole lot of money, sitting around for operations, mostly for programs. But this money is going to go into the operations budget."

Ward 5 Councilman Bobby Smith was not present at Tuesday's meeting. Smith lost his seat in the Republican Party Primary Election two weeks ago to Randy Hammon. Hammon will face Democrat John Harris in the General Election.