MCC Planning Active Shooter Drill

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A school shooting is a scary thought, and that is why many law enforcement agencies run active shooter drills so that they can best prepare should the situation arise. That is exactly what the Meridian Community College police department is preparing to do. A meeting was held at MCC to discuss the upcoming drill, and MCC police chief explained why it’s so important to have these drills.

Shane Williams, MCC campus police chief, says, "It’s important to test our training and preparedness for such an action. Hopefully this will never take place and the likelihood is that it will not. But regardless we have to be ready for it. The officers have been through training to prepare for it and we need to see if the school is ready."

These drills are vital for many agencies to test their procedures for dealing with a crisis; so, many agencies will be involved in this active shooter drill scheduled for March 20. In addition to the agencies, the students and faculty will be involved as well, from acting as victims, to filming police procedure for police to study later.

Williams says "We will have students here in the production department which will actually film the officers going inside the building, and it will help us to look at, at a later date, we can go back and see what our officers tactically did right, what they did wrong, areas where we need to adjust, areas we need to look at, basically as a learning tool."

Where it will occur and what time it will occur is being kept under wraps except for on a need to know basis only. They are hoping to make this as real as possible and push officer stress levels to what they would experience if it were real.