Meridian Couple Sells Labor of Love to "A Christmas Story" Museum

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Meridian, Mississippi When Missy and Jackie Coleman found this beauty on EBay, it wasn't much to look at, but they thought it would be a fun project. They were able to buy the antique fire truck, nearly exactly like the one featured in the holiday classic " A Christmas Story", for just over $700.00. But Missy Coleman says, she still wasn't prepared when their purchase arrived. "When the truck pulled up, I was speechless to say the least," said Missy. The transformation took a couple of years, as Jackie Coleman tore the truck down to the chassis, rewired it and rebuilt the engine. And then, there was the body work. "It was pretty rough," said Jackie. "It had some gunshot wounds on the backside of it where it had been shot. It had some dents in it we had to fix, and the paint was awful. It's a solid truck, it's metal so it was a lot of cleaning off old paint and sanded it down, did some patching and here it is today."

Many of the movie's fans remember well the scene where the little boy gets his tongue stuck to a frozen flag pole, and the fire department comes to the rescue. Missy says that's when the Antique Ford La France Fire Truck makes its entrance. "Ten seconds out of the movie you see a fire truck pull up and the men jump out to rescue them. That's all the footage in the movie of this truck." The Cleveland, Ohio house where the movie was shot is now a museum, and that is the new home of this lovingly restored antique fire truck. "They have 30,000 -50,000 people a year that come through the museum," noted Missy. "So it's a lot of people that will be able to come view the truck, and that's wonderful to me." The truck goes on display at the "A Christmas Story House Museum" in July.