Meridian Democratic Primary Runoffs Tuesday

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Meridian, Miss. Some Meridian Democrats will once again head to the polls on Tuesday for run-offs in two of the city's most contested races: those for City Council in Wards Two and Four. With no other contenders, the winner of the runoff in Ward Two, between incumbent Mary Perry and Kenneth Dustin Markham will take that seat, while in Ward Four, incumbent Jesse Palmer Sr. faces stiff competition from insurance agent Kim Houston. The winner of that race faces Independent Thomas Everett Hopson in the general election. Meridian CFO Ed Skipper says there are certain rules in runoff elections.

"Only people who are supporting our Democrats may vote in this runoff because it's basically an extension of the Democratic Primary which we've already had."

Under State law, voters who voted in one party's primary may not vote in a runoff for a different party, so those who live in Wards Two and Four and voted Republican don't have a say in what happens in this runoff.

"Anyone who voted in the Republican Primary is not allowed legally to cross over and vote in the Democratic Runoff."

However, if you did vote in the Democratic Primary or not at all two weeks ago, Skipper emphasizes that you can take part in the runoff.

"As long as you didn't vote in the Republican Primary, I believe as long as you say you're a Democrat to vote in the runoff, I think that's allowed."

While off-cycle election turnout is historically low, runoff turnout is even lower, so Skipper says that if you are eligible to vote in one of the two runoffs, be sure you get out there and do it.

"As always, anytime we have the opportunity to vote, people should get out and vote because that is a very important civic responsibility."