Meridian Departments Seek Funding in 2015 Budget

The Meridian City Council is now in the process of preparing the budget for the next fiscal year.

Police Chief Benny Dubose says he's not asking for much in this next budget. He's asking the council for equipment and vehicles for animal control and some technology upgrades for investigations. Chief Dubose says investigators could use better technology to help them in their cases - tools like a video enhancer to increase quality in surveillance footage.

"We're in a technological age," he says. "We're no longer dealing with the hand-written reports. We are working with computers and software keeps improving and getting better every day, and we just need to keep up. "

Dubose says they were not privy to how last year's money was intended and spent, and the police department didn't want to blindly ask for more money without a reason.

Meridian Fire Chief Anthony Clayton also made his case to the council this morning. He says his main priority is to get more money for some of his firefighters - specifically those making middle-of-the-road salaries. The mayor raised the salaries for minimum wage employees not long ago, but Clayton says his workers are the ones who really need an increase.

"He raised up the minimum guys to $9, which actually put them too close to the guys who need it, the middle people, the workers, that's who I'm fighting for right now," Chief Clayton says.

He's also asking for a new command vehicle and some new land for fire station number two. Chief Clayton says he's only asking for the land this year, and hopes to move forward on the building in the 2016 budget.