Meridian Drivers Still Encountering Icy Spots

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Meridian, Miss. Icy and slick roads continue to make driving difficult in parts of Meridian and Lauderdale County.

Crews worked into the night Thursday spreading salt on icy roads. In fact, the city of Meridian was forced to close a stretch of Virginia Drive near 22nd Avenue Heights because of so many slick spots. One car tried to make it up the hill before the road closed, but just couldn't. It's been a rough couple of days for drivers like Michael Wood.

"Pretty much stayed home yesterday," Wood recalls. "The day before, got off work about 10:30 and couldn't climb the hill on 145. Got my sister off the side of the road on Causeyville and it was also froze over pretty bad at the bridge."

Meridian Public Works tells Newscenter 11 crews have been working non-stop since the snow started falling on Tuesday. Street Superintendent Greer Goldman says workers have been spreading salt in many of the hot spots to try and get rid of the problems associated with the ice. Thankfully, crews have not had to deal with any fallen trees during all of this.

"We appreciate the public with their help in notifying us," Goldman points out. "For the most part, everybody stayed in, stayed out of the way."

Goldman says it's possible that additional icy patches could still pop up due to re-freezing, so you'll want to continue using extreme caution on the roads. Otherwise, you could end up slipping and sliding, or worse.

"Still got to be cautious," Wood adds. "Anything you see shiny is ice, stay off it. I wouldn't drive no where if it's going to be cold, stay off the road."

Even warmer temperatures on Friday should help eliminate any remaining icy patches. If you have a road problem you need to report, you can contact Meridian Public Works at 601-485-1990.