Meridian Holds Hazardous Waste Disposal Day

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Between the two hazardous waste disposal sites in the city of Meridian that were open today, close to 300 people brought items from their homes that aren't safe to throw in the trash to be disposed of properly and Odell Hopkins, the Contract Compliance Officer for the City of Meridian, is glad to see the big turnout, and says they're getting a lot of everything.

"There's different dumpsters that take several different products. We are taking oils, we are taking tires, that's what we are getting the bulk of, old pesticides, we've gotten quite a bit of that, and equally paint."

Those different dumpsters sort the waste, because different items are disposed of in different ways. There was a truck and dumpster for tires, a truck carted off loads of motor oil, and old paint was emptied from its cans and poured into its own large dumpster.

"The tires are taken to a landfill where they are chopped and discarded of properly. The oil and pesticides are also processed through one of the local chemical companies that will tell us what to do with it."

If you weren't able to make it out today, the city encourages you to hold onto things like old cans of paint, jugs of motor oil, or some used tires and bring them to the next Hazardous Waste Day next Spring.

"Prepare for the next spring cleanup, those things that can be stored until that time, we'll be willing to take them and do what we can to help you dispose of them."