Meridian Homeless Crisis Continues

Meridian, Mississippi A local advocate for Meridian's homeless says progress for a shelter has been stalled because of red tape.

Last night some of the homeless children were trying to get some sleep in cars. Christie Rainer of "The People's Charity Clinic" says she was finally able to place everyone at about 1:30 this morning, although it meant dividing up some families, since hotels only allow four people per room. Rainer says it could take weeks to get the use of a donated shelter approved. "We have been able to make sure that some of the older kids that are in school are secure for tonight," said Rainer. "We still have about four or five families with younger kids that are not in school that we're trying to deal with housing for tonight, so it's like a day-by-day thing."

Rainer says she's been told churches would be able to open gyms to families without having to meet the same regulations as a shelter.

Anyone interested in donating to help feed and house these families, can call The People's Charity Clinic, at 601-917-2673 or 601-482-8442.