Meridian Leaders Discuss Difficult Week

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Meridian and surrounding areas got pretty much back to normal Friday after several days of unusually cold weather.

Interstate 20/59 ran smoothly and traffic looked pretty much like any other day.

Meridian city officials sized up their response performance in light of everything that has happened this week.

The only remaining signs of what we saw a few days ago were marks on the side of the road where tires had torn up the dirt trying to regain traction, and a few patches of snow that still remain.

Meridian Public Works director and acting CAO, Hugh Smith, credits experience, city employees, and an administration that was quick to act in successfully dealing with a difficult situation.

"I used Katrina as an example because we really learned a lot from that," said Smith. "But I want to say that it's all about the employees, them and their experience and depending on them and them being dedicated to doing what needs to be done. I have to give my thanks to the mayor in allowing us to go out and do our jobs without delay."

Officially, Meridian received 2 inches of snow at Key Field.

Smith, along with Mayor Percy Bland and director of public safety and training, Bunky Partridge, are Newscenter 11's guests for this week's On the Record. It airs at 5:30 p.m. Sunday on WTOK-TV.