Arrest Made in Monday Shooting

Patrick T. Phillips

Meridian, Miss. A Meridian man is facing charges for allegedly shooting his brother. Police got the call around 7:40 p.m. Monday to a home in the 1800 block of 16th Avenue. The MPD says officers determined that Patrick Phillips shot his brother, Rafael Phillips, in the shoulder after the two got into an argument.

"Rafael was treated at a local hospital and released for his injuries," Lt. John Griffith says. "Patrick was charged with attempted murder and felon carrying a concealed weapon."

Police say the disagreement was over someone in the house.

"They were arguing over somebody being in the house. One of the brothers didn't want the person in the house, and they got to arguing over that. That's when Patrick shot Rafael," Lt. Griffith says.

A witness told us off-camera, it was Patrick who wanted his older brother, Rafael, to leave their home, but Rafael would not. And that's why Patrick pulled out a handgun.

A witness tells us the shooting happened downstairs. After being shot, the older brother ran upstairs, barricaded himself in a room with a mattress and then escaped through a side window.

He then ran down the street to get away. Meridian police say while they often deal with instances of domestic violence, it's not usually on this magnitude.

"We deal with domestic violence on a regular basis," Lt. Griffith explains. "Compared to the volume of cases we deal with, with domestic violence, fewer of them are aggravated assaults of domestic violence or attempted murders or have weapons involved."