Meridian Man Revokes Vote Buying Claims

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Meridian, Miss. News surrounding Mississippi's Senate race continues to get more heated and controversial. A Meridian man who claims he was paid to buy African American votes for the Thad Cochran Campaign is revoking his statement. Newscenter 11 again reached out to Stevie Fielder for his side of the story, but, for the third time, he failed to show after promising to meet with us.

In an interview with the Clarion Ledger, Fielder still says he was asked to buy votes by someone he will not name, but now says h refused to do so since it is illegal. Stephen Wilson of the Lauderdale County Democratic Party says it remains to be seen whether Fielder will stick with this story.

"At one point he was listed as a Democrat and I want to be clear that whatever his voting record may be, he is not a member of any state or local committees," said Wilson. "Given his work on some of the Republican campaigns in the past, he wouldn't even be eligible to be on the committee."

Fielder states that the claims were merely hypothetical and he told the Clarion Ledger, "What was said and what was recorded on that tape was not meant to show in any way that I took anyone to the polls and voted, nor did Mr. Cochran and them ask me to do that, not Kirk or any of his other people."

Meanwhile, Wilson says the Democratic candidate Travis Childers remains above the controversy and assures voters he's running a positive campaign.

"I think if anyone looks into his record and credentials, they'll find him to be a very capable senator who will do a great job for this state," said Wilson.

As for Fielder, he says he might later reveal who approached him about vote buying if that person doesn't come forward soon.