Meridian Man a New York Hero

(Photo credit: Danielle Finkelstein, Newsday) L-R: Mississippi lineman Robbie Jarman of Echo Powerline, Louisiana diesel mechanic Lee Snoddy of Snoddy's Onsite and Louisiana lineman Brent Bernard of Echo Powerline helped catch a mugger who tried to steal a purse from an 80-year-old woman in New Hyde Park. (Nov. 13, 2012)

A Meridian man is a hero in New York. Robbie Jarman is there to help with the recovery from Hurricane Sandy. But he's also a crime fighter.

Jarman was working in Long Island's New Hyde Park with other men, when they saw a suspect snatch a purse from an 80-year-old woman.

The three men caught the alleged thief and held him until police arrived a few minutes later.

The woman's husband received minor injuries trying to pursue the suspect, Brian Maher, 29, who has been charged with two counts of second degree robbery.