Meridian Mayor Reacts to Lumumba's Death

Meridian, Miss. Meridian Mayor Percy Bland gave his thoughts on the passing of Jackson Mayor Chokwe Lumumba, who died Tuesday afternoon.

Deana Day: "Mayor, tell us a little bit how this news has affected you when you learned it."

Meridian Mayor Percy Bland: "Deana we were shocked and saddened. Both my wife and I, of course, Mayor Lumumba, we are good friends. We were just together three weeks ago in Washington D.C. at the mayor's conference. We spoke about the one percent tax that they had just voted on at 90 percent for the city of Jackson, bringing in 14 and 15 million dollars to deal with infrastructure needs. We are saddened and we are shocked that it happened."

Deana: "Did you hear anything else about what might have led up to this or anything about his health?"

Mayor Bland: "No, you know the mayor is 66 years old. He's a vibrant person, and I'm just sad that it happened."

Deana: "And you had a very positive experience with him just a few weeks ago?"

Mayor Bland: "Yes, just a few weeks ago we were in Washington D.C. together and most of our training and most of our classes, we sat right by each other a lot of those trainings, so I am sad to hear this, and I send my blessings out to his family."