Meridian Mayoral Candidates Prep for Democratic Primary

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Meridian, Miss.

Percy Bland and Rod Amos were knocking on doors and making a few final phone calls ahead of Tuesday's Meridian Mayoral Primary. The two Democrats will face off tomorrow, with the winner going on to challenge Tuesday's Republican winner and Independent candidates next month. Both Bland and Amos spent the day making sure voters knew who they were.

Bland says,"We're going to be hitting the streets pretty soon talking to people once again and reminding them that tomorrow is Vote Day, and that we would like their vote and their support in the election tomorrow. All day today is going to be "Get out the Vote" canvassing and making phone calls in the office."

While Amos also says, "Today we're going to be doing some final canvassing of the neighborhoods and communities, attempting to get out and speak to the voters about their issues and concerns, and encouraging them not only to vote tomorrow, but to vote for me for Mayor to lead this city in the future."

Both Democrats have spoken at length about what issues are important to them, and they agree with each other about what they think needs to change.

Amos says that, "From Day 1, I have had a comprehensive approach to addressing the crime issue primarily through economic development by bringing better paying jobs to our area, having better parks and recreation, better schools, better neighborhoods, and just an overall better quality of life."

Bland asks, "Who's the best person to lead this city? Also issues with crime, and also job opportunities. Those are the main things that everyone has talked to us about, crime, jobs, and just new leadership for this city."

Voters will know Tuesday night whether it will be Amos or Bland representing the Democratic Party in June's general election.