Meridian Native Passionate about Music Career, Part 2

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Meridian, Miss. Cheryl Luquire says she was singing before she could talk, from church to Jimmie Rodgers talent shows to county fairs. Music played a major role in her childhood, especially after her father died suddenly when she was just twelve.

"I did hold on to my maiden name, although I'm married," said Luquire. "It was a promise I made to my dad before he passed away, when I was younger, that I would carry on his name, and make his name known."

Luquire married fellow musician and Belmont University graduate Adam Stark a little more than a year ago. Stark is also on the road a lot with his own band, The Kicks, but the newlyweds perform together when they can.

"If he's not traveling, he's on the road with me. And we love it!" said Luquire. "We've been across Texas and up in the corner of Missouri together and just kind of look at each other, like, I can't believe we get to do this together. So, it's been amazing."

When Luquire comes home, she says it's usually during hunting season, a sport she has loved since she was a child. In fact, Luquire will be launching a video series for the National Rifle Association.

"I got picked to play the NRA after party in Houston, Texas, back in April. It went really well," Luquire said. "They asked would I be O.K. with being their spokesperson or the face of NRA Country. And I was, like, are you kidding me? This would be a huge honor, because they've got a lot of guys, but not a lot of young girls. So I am prepared and I am ready to take it on."

You can look for her new music, titled "Cheryl Luquire" on iTunes or Amazon.