Meridian Police Chief Discusses Crime Statistics

"As police chief, you will never get me to say that crime is down," Chief Benny Dubose says.

Earlier this week, police reports were short. Meridian crime seemed to be low, but over the past few days, shootings, armed robberies and violence have kept officers busy. Meridian Police Chief Benny Dubose says truthfully, criminal activity seems to fluctuate.

"The individual that may have been burglarized last night wouldn't tell you crime is down or the people hearing shots fired in their neighborhoods wouldn't say crime is down," he says.

It's important for police not to become too comfortable with what appears to be a decrease in crime, when crime statistics could shoot back up any second.

"It's always good whenever you see a drop in crime, and things start to settle down a little bit, but at the same time whenever you're talking about crime rates you know there are highs and lows with them," Lt. John Griffith explains.

Chief Dubose says the MPD has been able to quickly solve many of the crimes that have occurred over this summer thanks to the help of more concerned citizens.

"I don't know, I think maybe they feel like they have to do something, and that's the contribution that they make is reporting. Sitting back and doing nothing certainly doesn't accomplish anything," Chief Dubose speculates.

Summer typically brings in higher crime rates. Each year as schools let out, the MPD prepares for those statistics. But with many schools starting back next week, the MPD expects to start receiving less calls.

"Typically our call volume drops off," Lt. Griffith says. "Sometimes the crime does, too. But the biggest thing we see when school goes back in is our call volume drops back."

Meridian police say the best thing you can do to keep crime down is continue to call in anytime, you have information.