Meridian Police Hold Amnesty Day

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There was a steady stream of people coming and going from the courtroom inside Meridian's Police Station this morning. They were taking advantage of the city's second ever Amnesty Day, where those with fines could have a payment plan set up, and people with warrants would have them recalled and placed under house arrest instead of facing jail time. Assistant Police Chief Buck Roberts says that some people thought it was a trap, but it's really for their own benefit.

"We're telling the truth when we say they're not going to jail. They can pay the 60%, then they have 60 days to pay the rest. They can do their house arrest and then go on back to business."

One of those taking advantage of Amnesty Day was Ted Turner. He was skeptical at first, but after getting his situation taken care of, he says he was glad he came to Amnesty Day.

"I definitely thought it was a trick my own self, but since it was on TV I thought there must be something up with it. Take advantage of it, that way you get that warrant off of your shoulders and you aren't waiting to be busted."

Roberts says that there is a staggering number of outstanding fines and warrants, and he hopes that everyone that can, will come in.

"There is a tremendous amount. I wish I could say we're going to have 200 folks, but we could have five, we could have 100. This has been out for quite some time."

Plans are already in the works for another Amnesty Day in the future.