Meridian Police Identify John Doe

Meridian, Miss. Meridian police have finally overcome what has been the biggest hurdle in this investigation: Identifying John Doe. It has been two weeks since police say a victim was found dead from gunshot wounds in a mobile home on Old Marion Road. Lieutenant John Griffith says after hearing and reading about this case, an anonymous caller was finally able to identify the apparent victim as 27-year-old Christopher Lee Gregory. The MPD says going for so long without knowing Gregory's identity has been a major setback for this investigation.

"That always makes the investigations harder because the quicker you are able to get on your investigation, the easier it is to find the information," Lt. Griffith says.

Lt. John Griffith says in a murder case like this, police usually uncover a victim's identity within a couple of days at most., making this a very unusual case for the MPD.

Although going so long without an identity has been a major holdup for the MPD, investigators now hope that they can begin to move forward in this case and find some real answers in this investigation.

Lt. Griffith says Gregory is originally from Meridian, but was not living here at the time. He has family both in Atlanta and in Meridian. Now, police say the next step is to reach out to those family members and friends to learn more about the days leading up to Gregory's murder.

"Now that we have the identity, the detectives now can start focusing on identifying people that he knows and trying to backtrack the last few days before," Lt. Griffith says.

In the meantime, police are still asking anyone with any information to please come forward.

You may report information to Crimestoppers at 601-485-1860, or 311.