Meridian Police Investigating Deadly Shooting

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Meridian Police investigated a deadly shooting in front of an apartment building near the intersection of 15th Avenue and 22nd Street late Saturday night. Family members of the victim, Terrianda Collins, say that he ducked behind a car parked in front of the complex to try to avoid being hit.

The victim's Aunt, Lettie Ott, says that, "It really needs to stop. Too many of our young kids are getting killed. That was my nephew that got killed last night, and I'm still grieving right now."

Ott believes this shooting is gang related. She says this area of town is a gang hotspot because of the high crime rate there, but Meridian Police Chief James Reed says that they need to investigate further before they can determine the cause of this particular incident.

"There is a gang problem in Meridian. It was just 2 months ago when Jadarrian got shot down on 10th Avenue, gang related."

"If we determine that it was, in fact, gang related, we will certainly report that information out," said Meridian Police Chief James Reed.

With the recent spike in shootings, car thefts, and armed robberies within the city limits, many are quick to blame the police, but they say it's hard to pinpoint when these isolated incidents will occur, and they have a large area to cover.

"Why don't they have some kind of unmarked car or something sitting up in this area where these gangs and these kids got these guns, killing these people up."
"Certainly we will step up patrols, but as you know we have the city to cover. We try our best to cover everything that goes on in the city."

No suspects have officially been named.

If you have any information you are encouraged to contact the Meridian Police Department.