Meridian Public School District Awards Parent of the Year

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Meridian, MS Dedication, Leadership, and the love for helping kids are three qualities of Carver Middle School Parent of the Year Dorothy Hull. It's a combination of these three things and what Hull has done for the school, that she was named Meridian Public School District Parent of the Year. When asked how she felt to have this honor placed upon her, Hull was speechless for the most part.

Hull paused for a moment and then said, "It's, I cannot explain it. I'm surprised and I'm excited because it's nothing that I just really go out of my way to do, it's something that I enjoy doing."

Since Hull has been PTO President, the organization has not only grown more active, but they have organized several fundraisers to benefit the school. She has seen through anything, from donations of books to the library to creating a covered walkway for students during inclement weather. Carver Middle School Principal Tiffany Plott said Hull's dedication to each student makes her deserving of this award.

"That means a lot when another parent is able to reach out an be an advocate for not only their kid, but the other kids at Carver," said Plott. "I'm very proud that she's been recognized as the district parent of the year and I think she's most well deserving of that honor."

Hull understands that education is important for a child and she dedicates her time to each and every child at Carver. It's through her parent-school relationship, that she continues to help strengthen the educational system.

"In order for a child to do well ,they have to have somebody behind them," said Hull. "It's nothing better than to have your parents behind you, I had my parents behind me when I was a child. When you have your parents behind you, you'll do better."

The following are Parents of the Year at each school:

Crestwood-Melvin and Latasha Kelly

Harris Lower - Cassandra Allen and Christina Bell

Harris Upper - Tonya Morris

Oakland Heights - Vivia Houston

Parkview - Beverly Joseph

Poplar Springs -Douglas Coleman

West Hills - Sholanda Lowe

Carver- Dorothy Hull

Magnolia - Kletina Hall

Northwest - Liz Haynes

Meridian High School - Paige Corey