Meridian Public Transportation Latest

February 29th at 5 PM, that's when the Meridian Transit System closed its doors indefinitely. MTS officials say the reason was a lack of funding.

Nine months after being closed, Ward 4 Councilman Jesse Palmer says residents still want to know when service will resume.

'Constituents call me almost every day, says Palmer. 'A city of our size and no public transportation, that's not right! We were thinking and had heard that we were going to unite with the Choctaw Transportation since they had gotten $1 million from the Department of Interior to run transportation and we thought it would be a win-win situation if we went with them.'

However, up to this point Palmer and Mayor Cheri Barry say there's been no word on whether or not a partnership with Choctaw Transportation is still a viable option.

'I'm going to contact the transit authority and ask them to come forth at our next council meeting to give a report of where we are with Meridian Transit and what their finances are and how we can possibly be of service to this community,' says Mayor Barry.

Although uncertain about the future of public transportation in Meridian, Mayor Barry says since the transit system closed and the city took over the operation of the trolley, the service is now operating in the black.

'So, for the first time since March we are actually in the black,' says Mayor Barry. 'Our revenue is exceeding our expenses and year to date we've earned about $3,000.'

With the holiday season nearing, Mayor Barry says she's optimistic that the trolley service will boom with business.

'So, busy that we may have to buy a second trolley in the spring of the year.'