Meridian Public Transportation to be Restored?

Meridian, Miss. For the last two years the city of Meridian has not provided public transportation, but Mayor Percy Bland is hopeful that will change. In fact, he says talks are currently underway to restore public transportation in the Queen City.

"We met with the people from MDOT again last week," says Mayor Bland. "We also met with the people at Choctaw Transit; we're very close. I have a meeting in two weeks with Chief Anderson, and we're going to try to work out a plan for transit in this area."

Two years ago public transportation in Meridian ended due to a shortage of funds. To get the service restored, Bland says the city has been exploring different options.

"Multi-County Community Service Agency (MCCSA) has put together a plan to try to serve some of their clients. I'm going to bring them back to the table to talk to their leadership in regards to making sure that the same clients, that the same people here in this area can still be serviced possibly through this contract. But right now, out of the two that we have, the one with Choctaw Transit is the one that is more favorable for us."

As for when the new public transportation will be up and running in Meridian, Bland says that's still unknown.

"I'm not going to put a gauge on it, but it's something that we're very committed to," Bland said. "And we're going to make it happen."