Meridian Receives Water Award

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Meridian, Miss. The most refreshing drink in your house may come straight out of your faucet, if you live in Meridian.

The city took home the Best Tasting Drinking Water designation from the Alabama/Mississippi Section of the American Water Works Association. It's awarded to the water plant that produces the highest quality of water.

"We competed with nineteen other water systems throughout the states of Alabama and Mississippi," said Hugh Smith, interim public works director. "Some of the systems were as big as Birmingham, Ala. So to say that this is a great achievement for the city and its drinking water is an understatement. I would just like to say it's through the hard work and dedication of employees of the water department, of public works, that makes this possible."

Meridian public works employee, Stanley Reeves, was also named Mississippi's Operator of the Year.

"My name's on it but I didn't win it," said Reeves. "This is a whole team down here. We all work together. My name just happens to be the one that got chosen to put on it."

The Meridian water system consists of more than 400 miles of water mains. It serves over 14,000 customers, pumping 3.5 billion gallons of gallons every year.