Meridian Salon Burglarized

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"The bad guys are winning, and they know it."

That's what the owner of Meridian's Le'Maxim Salon Valerie Mize has to say about the city's ever increasing crime problem, and she knows firsthand. Sometime Friday night, someone threw a rock through the door of her salon, and then ransacked and robbed it. She says this isn't the first time something like this has happened, so she has protection.

"We have an alarm system. We have protection in a sense in our salon to protect our customers and employees, but is it enough?"

Unfortunately her alarm didn't go off Friday night, and thieves made off with cash deposits from the safe. While she's still in shock over what happened, anger has started to settle in, and now she's questioning whether or not small businesses in town, including her own, are here to stay.

"We feel violated, and then we feel mad, because as business owners we're here to support this city and provide a service to this community, but yet it's being taken away, so we feel very angry at this point because there's no support for small business owners, and we feel just a point of disappointment."

Mize says that while the police department is trying to do their job, they need something more, so she's sending out a message to all small business owners in Meridian.

"Small business owners in this city need to rally together somehow and create a force to be reckoned with."