Meridian Sinkhole Causing Problems for Drivers UPDATED

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Meridian, Miss. UPDATE: Newscenter 11 has received a response from Chief Financial Officer of RCG Ventures, Brad Garner, about the hole.

"RCG Ventures is aware of the existing pothole (it is not a sinkhole) on the access road to our shopping center. Unfortunately, we do not own the property or road where the pothole exists; however, we have notified the appropriate owner and they have stated they are taking steps to fix the problem. We value our customers safety as they travel to and from our center and we will continue to take the appropriate actions to help remedy the problem.

RCG Ventures would appreciate you letting your viewers know that your report last night was in error. RCG Ventures DOES NOT own this road and is not responsible for the maintenance of the road. "


Driver, after driver, after driver, each found a way to avoid a 4 foot by 2 foot sinkhole that's about 6 inches deep on a well-traveled road between Meridian's two largest shopping centers: Meridian Crossroads and Bonita Lakes Mall. When the hole is visible, drivers either come to a crawl, or drive on the opposite side to avoid damage to their car. Jakeshia Moore, who drives this road every day, says she's seen people tear up their vehicles first-hand.

"She was in an SUV and she was going by while I was coming the opposite direction, and I tried to blow the horn to warn her so she wouldn't hit it, and before I knew it, she was down in there and on the side of the road trying to figure out what happened. It was not a happy sight."

After heavy rains, the section of road containing the hole is covered with water, making the potentially damaging hazard invisible, increasing the danger for those that don't know exactly where the hole is.

"You don't really see the hole there, so in no time at all you could have hit it, messed up your car, and then you're sitting there wondering what happened. As of yesterday, there was water completely covering the hole so you couldn't see it."

Based on concrete on one side of the hole, it appears that it's been repaired before, but the owner of Meridian Crossroads and the road, RCG Ventures out of Atlanta, did not respond to our request for comment. Drivers say something needs to be done, and soon.

"The people in Atlanta need to come and fix their road."