Meridian Students Return to School

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Meridian, Miss. Students at Crestwood Elementary and Carver Middle School, along with Meridian's 10 other schools filed into class Tuesday morning for their first day back. They were happy to see old friends, while teachers were just as excited to meet their new students. Students at Crestwood Elementary were welcomed with open arms as they headed into the cafeteria for breakfast, and Principal Kimberly Kendrick is glad to have her students back for another year.

"We're excited about new opportunities to help students grow, learn, and move forward. We're getting students ready for their careers, and we're getting students ready for college, and we're excited about having the opportunity to change lives."

Since her students are young, Kendrick believes it's very important to figure out how each of them learn best at an early age to ensure success all throughout their school career, and she says meeting the needs of every student is one of her main goals.

"Working with them and trying to find strategies that will work for each and everyone will present a challenge because each student learns differently, so we have been given the challenge of finding out what works for them, and so we are up to that challenge and we are going to do that."

Meanwhile, over at Carver Middle School, students were anxious to get their schedules and find out what classes they'll be in. The principal there, Tiffany Plott, says her teachers have been working and taking classes all summer to get ready for the year, and the new PBIS positive intervention program will be one of the biggest noticeable changes.

"It's something new, something exciting that we're doing with our kids to give them incentives to do their work, to behave, and to just make the learning environment a little bit better for everybody."