Meridian Symphony Impacted by Hattiesburg Tornado

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The effects of a tornado that swept through south Mississippi a few weeks ago weren't just felt there, but here as well.

The Meridian Symphony Orchestra says that many of its musicians are students and teachers at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg. Nine of the groups members lost all of their belongings, but thankfully weren't injured. The Meridian Symphony Association recently raised money for those nine members.

"Their instruments were not lost, which is amazing for all nine of them," MSA Director Mark Altekruse says. "Because when you think of the thousands and thousands of dollars that these instruments cost, that could have been devastating in another sense. Because a musician, you know, their instrument becomes part of them."

The community is also being asked to make donations to help those impacted by the storm. For more information, call the MSA at 601-693-2224.