MPSD Car Tags

Meridian, Miss. If the Meridian City Council has its way, starting this summer you'll see Meridian Wildcats car tags adorning vehicles. During their first meeting of the new year the council approved a resolution that will be presented to the state legislature which could make this happen. It's a request for state license plates to be made available that will promote Meridian Public Schools. Ward 2 Councilman Dustin Markham crafted the proposal, and he's confident that legislators will approve it.

"Other districts have this as well: Petal, Pearl, Biloxi and a couple of other schools have these tags already, and they either go to a PTO organization or a booster program, or directly back to the district," says Markham.

The cost for the proposed tags is $31 each. Out of that money, $24 of each tag sold will go directly back to the district. Here's an exact breakdown of how the money will be used: $12 will go to MPSD's academic initiatives, $12 to the district's K-12 athletic programs, $2 to the Mississippi Highway Fund, $2 to the county tax office, and the remaining $3 will be evenly divided between the state's burn center, Department of Archives and History and Specialty Tag Fund.

"The Department of Revenue has already approved the initial design. So, it's up to us now to pre-sale 300 tags before May 15th," says Markham. "If we pre-sale 300 tags before May 15th then they will be printed when the legislation goes into affect on July 1st of this year."

To purchase a tag as part of the pre-sale, go to the Meridian Public School District's Central Office, and fill out the required form, and pay the $31 charge. You can also call that office for more information. That number is (601) 483-6271.

If the pre-sale quota is met by May 15th, the tags will be dispersed sometime after July 1st. If enough pre-orders are not made, refunds will be issued.