Merritt Honored for Life of Volunteering

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A local woman is not letting her age slow her down. Mabel Merritt, 94, is one of the top volunteers at Merrehope. Merrehope honored her Wednesday for her hard work.

Merritt has volunteered her time for many organizations in the community for the past sixty-five years. She has lived here her whole life.

"Old Dr. Jeff Anderson, who started all the Anderson hospitals brought me into the world," she said.

Merritt talked about the years she put in to help promote the symphony.

"I helped a lot to help promote the symphony; that was one of my favorites," said Merritt. "And I was a member of the Symphony League board for twenty years. Seem like I stick with the twenty years. But anyway, it was a pleasure to see the symphony to what it is today."

Merritt said she loves to give to other organizations that are in need.

"I am a cancer survivor, and I believe in people helping when they can," said Merritt.

Merritt has also been a member of the MCC Foundation and supports the American Cancer Society.

Merritt talked about being happy and what got her through all the years with her husband.

"You've got to be happy in what you do," Merritt said. "And we were both happy, were both deacons in church."