Meteor Shower This Weekend

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Some call them "falling stars" while others call them "shooting stars." Their real name is meteors, and this weekend they will be streaking across the sky for one of the more active meteor showers of the year.

A small sliver of the moon means the sky will be dark enough for good viewing, and locally the sky will be cloud free.

The shower is visible after midnight Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night (so in the predawn hours of Saturday, Sunday, and Monday).

The meteors will be visible across most of the sky, but they will seem to radiant away from the constellation Orion. Orion will be in the southeast sky just after midnight and be more toward the south closer to sunrise.

While orbiting the sun, Earth passes through the path of Comet Halley. The meteors are debris from the comet that are entering the atmosphere and burning up and vaporizing. The atmosphere does this naturally, helping to prevent major meteor impacts.