Missing Man's Body Found in Jasper County

After a long search, officials have found the body of a man who has been missing since July 26. Fifty-four-year-old Ricky Page was discovered Thursday dead in his vehicle off Highway 11 in Jasper County. Just south of the Clarke County line. Authorities say he was last reported seen visiting someone on Saturday.

"He was last seen in the Vossburg area off of Highway 11," Jasper County Sheriff Chris Sargent says. "That was the last time he was seen."

Page's daughter reported her father missing on Sunday morning. The Jasper County Sheriff's Dept. immediately got to work searching for the man.

"I gathered a rescue team together. I got with City and Jasper County," he says. "We formed up a Rescue Team, us and Clarke County. They helped us out a lot, too."

After five days of searching, a Jasper County volunteer firefighter with the group discovered Page's truck off the highway. obscured from view, where it appears he had run off the road.

"Trees had it camouflaged it was way down deep off the embankment," he says.

Sheriff Sargent says although this wasn't the answer they were hoping for, he is glad to finally give some reassurance to Page's family.

"Just glad that we was able to find the vehicle and Mr. Page," he says. "Just to give that family closure. It was well-worth the work, the long hours and dedication. "

The Sheriff's Dept. does not believe that foul play was involved. This appears to be a simple car accident as of right now. But they are running an autopsy to learn more about his exact cause of death.