Mississippi 'Gator Season Busy

We've seen plenty of big alligators caught recently; some have broken state records, set just days previously.

The most recent big 'gator was caught just up the road at Lake Okatibbee. That alligator measured around 12 feet long.

But to find why we have seen so many large alligators and why are they growing so large, we asked MSU Meridian's Dr. Jarrod Fogarty.

"Alligators have no maximum length. They grow their entire life; it's what we call indeterminate growth," said Fogarty. "The record in the United States is around twenty feet, a record that was caught in Louisiana in the early 1900s. If you let them grow for fifty or sixty years, and some individuals can be that old, they'll reach near the 20-foot mark."

Alligators haven't been hunted in this area of Mississippi since 1967.